FindYourSpace is officially out of beta, and have launched the FindYourSpace Pro platform providing a wide range of features and tools for real-estate professionals. Learn more about how the Pro platform can help your real-estate company improve their workflow and manage your complete portfolio efficiently online here.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and move your business online! Eefficiently manage your complete property inventory through one online platform, and have quick access to all properties both through the web platform as well as on the go through a dedicated FindYourSpace Pro Agent app.

Take advantage of a powerful filter based search to quickly find properties matching specific customer requirements through automatic enriched property listings. Properties added will be automatically associated with development projects and neighborhoods including project details, editorial reviews as well as high quality images.

Protect your real-estate images and reduce your workload by automatically inserting watermark on each property listing once they are added.

FindYourSpace Pro search screen

Opt-in for distributing your property listings to a wide range of both free and premium Thai and international real-estate portals through a one click operation. Reduce the admin overhead required to maintain multiple listings across a wide range of lead generation platforms, and maintain one high quality listing and the FindYourSpace Pro platform takes care of the rest.

No more need to worry about integration and delay on getting your properties online, seamless integration with the partner portals will be maintained by the FindYourSpace team, and ensure that your property listings get as much exposure as possible.

Automatically publish new properties, and changes done on the FindYourSpace Pro platform to your broker website to ensure that your website always stay up to date with your complete property inventory.

Easily share properties through social media and email directly from the Pro platform, to get further reach and inform potential customers about matching properties.

FindYourSpace provides a dedicated website for real-estate brokers that is seamlessly integrated with the Pro platform on a subscription basis. Quickly get your company online without a big investment on software development.

Take the FindYourSpace Pro tour!

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